Sensor Networks and Big Data Analytics
Sensing Technology and Intelligence for Industry, City and Buildings


Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the presence of Internet in all surrounding objects, not only computers, tablets and smartphones. Everyday an increasingly quantity of daily objects are connected to the network thanks to new generations of software and sensors. Alfanetics solutions contribute to a better connected environment, optimized to facilitate life to individuals and enterprises.


Big Data Analytics

Data Mining and Machine Learning technologies analyze in real time massive data generated by the Internet of Things and provide intelligence to our environment. Alfanetics integrates to the network objects and processes providing them with smart reactions to our actions, improving our quality of lives and optimizing enterprise operations.


Alfanetics Solutions

Alfanetics provides suitable sensing technologies for Manufacturing, Minning, Agriculture, Construction, City and Buildings.

Alfanetics stores, analyzes and makes available massive data coming from sensors, into KPIs able to make easier and automated decisions in productive systems and daily environments.


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